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January 10, 2007 5:28 PM


A solo exhibition showing the graphic works of PMKFA(Micke Thorsby) . A look into both the new and old "Green Winter" display poster-works, walldrawings and a installation of three-dimentional graphics. Last but not least new shirts from It's Our Thing, the clothing label run by PMKFA and the superior printshop Sweatshop Union in Osaka, will be displayed and available for purchase.
On the opening night of January 20th the first ever concert with "Green & Ilpo" will take place at the Kamata gallery and it will be art-directed by PMKFA. The set-up for the concert will be something very unusual and as far as we know not ever done before.
As a part of the exhibition, "Green & Ilpo" have during the first two weeks of January made a EP and this short, compressed process will be documented by PMKFA and turned into a small book/CD available in limited numbers during the exhibition.

Also the opening night will give you a performance by the superior "6955" and his fantastic Nintendo Famicom-machine. Recently updated with some new and fresh Famicom Basic coding this will, as always when "6955" perform, be something that shouldn't be missed. Alongside his performance a by PMKFA Famicom'ized version of the 1982 movie masterpiece "Koyaanisqatsi" will be shown.

DATE: 01/20(SAT) - 1/28(SUN)
OPENING EVENT : 1/20(SAT) 6pm~ Entrance Fee:500YEN

Live Performance : Green & Ilpo, 6955

Supported by
CBCNET (http://www.cbc-net.com/)
upsetters architects (http://www.upsetters.jp/)
Sweatshop Union


PMKFA : Originally from Sweden, Micke Thorsby aka PMKFA moved to Tokyo during the summer of 2005. Spreading his works on formats such as CD-jackets, vinyl-sleeves, t-shirts and in magazines and on posters for people such as Arkitip, Beams T, Junior Senior, Ubiquity rec, Paper Sky, Lo-Fi-Fnk, WoodWood, Wax Poetics, Tokyo Art Beat and Nudie Jeans.
PMKFA is also one of the halves of the clothing label "It's Our Thing" together with Sweatshop Union in Osaka. "It's Our Thing's" first line of t-shirts reached to shops and individuals all over the world and the new second line is in the production stage and will partly be shown at the exhibition.

Green & Ilpo : Green aka Megumi Matsubara is one of the founders of assistant Co., Ltd. a multi-disciplinary design-studio spreading their own vision of spacial design and architecture from the heart of Yoyogi. As one of the many branches of Megumi's diversity of works she while living in London in 2005 teamed up with Ilpo Jauhiainen to make the CD-EP named "Kira Kira Weapon". Ilpo, then also living in London have since moved back to Helsinki (Finland). There he continues to make subtle and very original electronic music with a personal touch. Not rarely can his music be described as unaffected by trends and streams on the electronica scene and through that stick out from the rest.
"Kira Kira Weapon" showed a curious and diverse collection of tracks and with that in mind it will be interesting to hear what the new tracks will sound like.

Thanks to Yosuke Kurita (CBCNET and Grandbase Inc.) and Shuzo Okabe (upsetters architects / StudioK ) for making this possible.


*DATE: 01/20(SAT) - 1/28(SUN)
*OPENING EVENT : 1/20(SAT) 6pm~ Entrance:500YEN

*Live Performance :
- Green & Ilpo
- 6955

*Supported by
- CBCNET (http://www.cbc-net.com/)
- upsetters architects (http://www.upsetters.jp/)
- Sweatshop Union