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WKInteract Exterior - Interior Act 2
By WKInteract []

(c) 2005 Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin
Posted at : August 02, 2005



WKInteract Exterior - Interior Act 2

WKInteract is a French urban artist currently living in New York City. His distinctive black and white painted murals can be admired in more places than just the streets. The bold images, in which movement is practically palpable, are also being appreciated in exhibit spaces, including the display windows of the Parisian temple of consumption Galeries Lafayettes. This book presents a wide spectrum of WKInteract's dynamic work in one place for the first time. In addition to the lively portraits of skaters, kung-fu masters, boxers and mountain climbers that have become his trademark, it also features his installations and commercial graphic design for clients including Mini, Burton and Yamaha. The publication shows how WKInteract masterfully depicts movement in immobile images, as well as how he incorporates his new home into his work. His project with a newspaper vending machine is, for example, documented here. WKInteract altered one so that it contained cans of spray paint. He then went around the city with it trying to engage New Yorkers to use the paint to express themselves when something angered them. As he says, "I want to do my thing, and I want to show people how they can use a city to do theirs."

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