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July 20, 2006 12:38 AM


[ A walldrawing for the architecture studio With Assistant in Shinjuku. ]

NAME: PMKFA Micke Thorsby
URL: www.pmkfa.com
FROM(CITY&COUNTRY) Borlnge/Sweden, since July 2005 months based in Tokyo

[ Profile ]

グラフィックを作るようになったのは、住んでいた町でクラブをやっていた友人のためで、自分が音楽を作れないなと感じてから始めました。もちろん背景には音楽があって、いまも音楽関連の仕事は多いです。CDジャケット、レコードカバー、ポスター、フライヤー、Tシャツなど。今までのクライアントではJunior Senior, Universal records, Atlantic records, Pie Books、そして多くのインディペンデントな人たち、たとえば Wood Wood, Brus, CMYK 2005, Moshi Moshi records, Ubiquity recordsなどがいます。
大きなグラフィックやロゴ、そして自分のパッケージングデザインなど多くのことをやろうとしています。最近ではアニメーションの制作もやっていて、"Nothing AM"という作品でビリニュス (リトアニアの首都)のNextFestivalを受賞しました。
僕が通っていた学校のことをちょっと書くと、RMI Berghs (ストックホルム, 1999), Stockholm Art School (ストックホルム, 1999-2000), Denmark Design School (コペンハーゲン 2000-2005), London College of Communication (2003-2004)です。そしてフリーランスとして始めてからは3年になりました。

I do some kind of mix in between graphic design and illustration, I don't want to exclude the one from the other and often that can bring something extra to it. Treating text as illustration and so on.
I started to make graphics for my friends clubs in the area of my hometown after concluding that I didn't really could make music. Now things ended up bigger than that but music is my background and also the field I have been most involved in. Making CD-jackets, record-covers, posters/flyers and t-shirts for people as Junior Senior, Universal records, Atlantic records, Pie Books and a big bunch of independent people like Lo-Fi-FNK, Wood Wood, Brus, CMYK 2005, Moshi Moshi records, Ubiquity records.
My competence range from bigger graphic profiles and logos to more freestyle graphics for t-shirts and CD-jackets, and developing my own packaging. I am also working with animation and earlier this year I won a price for my piece "Nothing AM" at Next Festival in Vilnius.
My studies took place at RMI Berghs (Stockholm, 1999), Stockholm Art School (Stockholm, 1999-2000), Denmark Design School (Copenhagen 2000-2005), London College of Communication (2003-2004). I have been working freelance for the last three years.



Got a lot of projects going at the moment and I enjoy every bit of it, check my site www.pmkfa.com for more info and as soon as I finnish a project the result will be posted there

[ Part of the cover for the brilliant Swedish freepaper Brus. ]

[ T-shirt for self-promotion. ]

[ Favorite Five ] - お気に入り紹介 - Please name your favorites.

Geoff Mcfettridge for the great humour.
Fergadelic for more humour.
Namaiki A.R.S.E for big humour.

Great concept, my favourite webbased paperzine.

Bringing some intelligence to the grimescene.

My news supplier.

Radio on the highest level.


[ Wiley ]
If I have a idol it's Wiley and he is the only producer that push his sound from dubplate to dubplate, month by month.

[ DJ Target/Danny Weed ]
Harmonies, rawness, harmonicas and frenzy that never stop to surprise, 2006 look big for them.

[ DJ Youngsta/Task ]
The funniest team on road and great for late nights.

[ Newham Generals ]
Best out of E-7.


[ 12angry men ]
Lately I am totally in love with this era of Hollywood movies, the 20's to the 40's, brilliant.

[ Dr Strangelove ]
Kubrick on a joke ting.

[Night on Earth ]
Jim Jarmusch and silent humour in Finland.

[ All the Presidents Men ]
The last film I saw and a great one, not on top 5 really but I love political dramas/thrillers from the 70's, can't be done like that these days, if not even Sydney Pollack can do it, no one can.

La Haine
nice one.


My now gone grandparents house, surrounded by deep forest, a place to rest at.

My home since July 2005 and a place that I really like, never expected to have wild animals around me here.

Borl nge/Sweden
The home for my first 18 years and hard to get around, feel disconnected with the place these days but made many treehouses there.

East London/UK
I miss it quite often, London is almost too easy to appriciate, wasn't too active while stying there but still I had some of the greatest time in my life.

The back of the album-cover for Junior Seniors debute album. ]



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PMKFA : Micke Thorsby